Terry's passion is to assist young people find their purpose and create a future of hope for themselves.


He grew up and was schooled in Oudtshoorn, where he achieved great success academically as well as in different sporting codes.

He completed a Business degree at NMU before starting his career in the family business, where he experienced much of what small business experience today.

In 1988 Terence joined the then Small Business Development Corporation because of his belief in assisting small business. He spent the last 20 years at Business Partners mentoring the small business clients over most of the coastal area of the country.

Here he got to know many of the stumbling blocks for SMMe’s. He identified a market where young people are not empowered with the correct skills to run sustainable businesses and that there are too many small businesses relying on government tenders to survive, and only a smaller number do.

He identified that when aspiring entrepreneurs lay the right foundation for their businesses, they have a greater chance of establishing themselves into sustainable and profitable business, and have a good foundation to scale their business (where possible).

In 2015 he started The Springboard Academy to fulfil his calling and dream of assisting young people (and older) to take responsibility for their own future by offering them training in life and business skills, as well as mentoring small and new business for success and sustainability.

Terence believes that each of us has the ability to create their own job, and/or scalable business for further employment.

"We just need to start thinking differently about our rights and developing the skills we need to fulfil the purpose we have been created for.  Creating the correct business model for your idea is the key to success."

He believes that with the correct knowledge of yourself, an understanding of what the market wants and a good idea of how to satisfy that need, is the foundation of being able to build your business.

At Business Partners he facilitated numerous courses including “How to start your own Business”, “Basic Business Skills”, and How to write a business plan using the resources available.

He has assisted a number of individuals with this training and compiling business plans for running their business and applying for funding.

He believes that the team of Kingdom Entrepreneur facilitators have passion and skills to help grow our youth into valuable members of the economically active community in this country.

See below a reference from a student, the owner of a private KZN school, who attended the writing a business plan course in 2015.


Cell 082 55 25 340

e-mail: info@thespringboard.co.za

Web: https://www.thespringboard.co.za


5th June 2020

"To Whom It May Concern

I am writing to recommend Mr  Terence Knot-Craig.

I have worked closely with him since 2016.

As a his protégé, Mr Terrence was always reliable and resourceful. During his time in our team at Business Partners, he managed to conduct high-impact user research and make a number of key recommendations that resulted in an improved product and subsequently increased sales in my area of business.

I’ve always put a premium on initiative and willingness to learn from him and he never failed to assist me in this regard. An example is when he always avails himself to assist me swiftly whenever I call on him.

His work ethics, advice and support has made me place him as my best monitor.

He has always availed himself to other colleagues and has never let me, neither them give up.

Irrespective of assisting me without his benefit, he never turned his back on me when I needed him most. His guidance in the business field has made me make good decisions which has kept me and my business on the go.

I write this letter in the best of my ability and without any benefit of doubt that Mr Terence is one of the best mentors this country can boast of.

Should you have any further questions, feel free to reach me at +27733410888


Sincerely yours

MC Banda"

Terence Knott-craig