Kristine Tudhope

Founder of UPvisor, Kristine, qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 2015 and moved into entrepreneurship after spending some time in industry.


With exposure to finance, reporting, operations, logistics, and other functions in corporate, she is uniquely positioned to bring her financial know-how, coupled with an understanding of operations and technology to her clients.

She recognises the need for support, encouragement and knowledge that other entrepreneurs have, because she feels it too!

Kristine has a passion for seeing people unlock their full potential and has taken on the privilege of serving other entrepreneurs and business owners with enthusiasm through her training and financial consulting services.

"My journey has been somewhat diverse, from studies to corporate to entrepreneurship, but always coming back to the desire to train and equip, with a bit of strategic consulting thrown in!"

2009-2012  Studying at NMU whilst tutoring accounting and mathematics

2013-2015  During my time at PwC I had broad industry experience, including education, financial services and automotive

2016-2017  In the citrus industry I got a solid grip on operations and finance at the same time

She started UPvisor in 2018, and they currently focus on unlocking your business potential by improving your profitability and your workforce’s productivity! They EQUIP business owners with the relevant financial skills, and become your EXECUTING business partner to free you up to focus on what matters most – your strategy and operations – and leave the finances to them.

One of the “whys” behind UPvisor is to raise up a generation of youth that are employable and enterprising, well-skilled and excellent at what they do, and feel like they have a meaning and purpose in life.


"The opportunity to plough into the lives of young people through this K.E . Gap year is an extreme privilege! We are excited to partner with other experts to bring a high-quality, holistic experience to our participants – knowing that this is going to make a significant, long-term difference in their lives."



"Kristine is a great facilitator. She is approachable and friendly and working with her was a positive experience."

"So far my experience with UPvisor has been great and I would recommend it to all corporations for the development of their employees and universities for a more motivated, driven and knowledgeable student body."

I love living my passion!