"A ship is always safe at shore, but that's not what it was build for."

- Albert Einstein

Our Curriculum


Understand the difference between being  self-employed, being an Entrepreneur and being employed


Business Basics

Understand the “why”, “how” and “what” of business – in that order!


- Purpose of business

- Analyzing the problem

- Determining a solution

- Developing a business model

Financial Reporting

Understand the creation of financial information, and the impact and use thereof in your decision-making process.


- Record keeping

- Financial statements

- Costing

- Margin and mark-up

- Making profit


Knowing what defines you, sets you free to pursue and fulfil your purpose in life and for your career (in business).


- Who are you?

- P.U.S.H.

- Discover purpose

- Understanding Collaboration

Business Character

Developing a clear business character, will draw the right people to accompany you on the journey to achieve your dream.


- Vision and Mission

- Business values

- Business goals

- Create a vision board

Corporate Compliance

Understand the different legal requirements when starting a business to safeguard your interest.


- Corporate registrations

- Companies act

- Corporate governance

- Etc


Set personal goals, coupled with personal budgeting skills. Make your best possible, professional first impression.

Add professional conflict management and negotiation, as well as listening skills to your business toolkit.


Successful Marketing 

Understand the importance of your why and your offer. Become familiar with Marketing vs Sales and different strategies of Marketing your business. Develop your Marketing Plan and realise how your business needs to stand out. 


Business Planning

Just as a captain charts the course he will sail to arrive at his destination, so will a well-constructed business plan chart the route to success.


Ready for Life

Understand the benefits both of being an employee and of being an employer. 

Develop professional communication skills to allow you to prepare and deliver a memorable, effective pitch or presentation.


A detailed timetable will be provided to all who successfully register for the GAP year.

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