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Terence Knott-Craig

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Calling Young Adults, aged 16 to 25 in Southern Africa who feel called to the career of Entrepreneurship.

We are offering you the opportunity to be trained and coached by various industry professionals in the aspects of starting and successfully running your own business.

Over the period of 10 months, we will help you discover your life purpose and take you through various aspects of business.

You can expect to discover:

A “Ships wheel” to steer your life and business journey;


A “Compass” to help choose the right course;


A “Propellor” to help you power your life;


An “Anchor” to anchor you in truth and basic business skills;


A “Rudder” to help you  maintain the course of your Character in life and business;


A “Ships bell” to enable you to market and brand yourself effectively;


A “Wind direction indicator” to ensure that you can forecast well, despite the changing “weather”;


A “Life jacket” to ensure that you comply with all legal and tax requirements;


A “Chart” to assist you in charting the course for you and your business;


Finally, you will have a “Complete Sailboat” with which to navigate on the journey of success.


Welcome on board the Kingdom Entrepreneur GAP year for 2021. We are delighted to go on this journey with you.

6 Things you need to start a business

  • A Problem               

  • A Solution               

  • A Beneficiary          

  • USP                           

  • A Business Model   

  • GRIT                          

- There needs to be a problem that requires a solution

- You need to have a solution that addresses this problem

- People who will benefit from your solution

- Your solution must satisfy the market better than your competitors

- Your method of solving the problem must generate profit

- One of the key characteristics of an Entrepreneur

Prospectus Calendar

Course commences March 2021

Keep an eye on this calendar for news.

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Our GAP Year is endorsed by the (ISBC) Ibhayi Small Business Chamber

We develop You...

YOU create Your future!